Aircraft Management

Management Solutions that Meet Your Specific Needs

Having Business Jet Access manage your company’s most productive business tool has many advantages. By employing our successful aircraft management business model, you can enjoy your investment without having to manage your own flight department. From scheduling and flight operations to maintenance and accounting, we are able to distill a very complex process and customize a management solution to meet your specific needs.

FAA Compliance and Oversight

Business Jet Access will ensure that your aircraft is compliant with all domestic and international regulations as set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, International Civil Aviation Authority and other local Civil Aviation Authorities around the world.

Pilot/Crew Hiring and Training

Our Flight Operations Management team takes responsibility for finding qualified pilots and crew for each managed aircraft. As a managed aircraft client, you or your representative are encouraged to be involved in the interview process; either by first vetting candidates prior to the Business Jet Access interview, by participating in interviews, or by simply providing final approval of candidates recommended by our Director of Operations.

Aircraft Maintenance

We understand that as the owner of an aircraft, you want to be able to fly without being inconvenienced by maintenance. At Business Jet Access, we will work to coordinate scheduled maintenance around your agenda. We strive to keep you updated on the status of upcoming maintenance and the required downtime, so there are no surprises.

Flight Scheduling

Scheduling your upcoming flight is as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email. Our Client Services Team is available 24/7 to handle your itinerary, as well as catering requests, ground transportation, and any other specific details relating to your trip.

Fleet Discounts

Due to the size of the fleet at Business Jet Access, we are able to provide competitive fleet discounts on many of the services your aircraft requires. Aircraft insurance, fuel, and crew training are just a few examples of our purchasing power, where you can truly see the difference in retail versus wholesale pricing.

Charter Sales & Marketing

For management clients who are interested in making their aircraft available for charter, we have a team of charter sales & marketing professionals standing by to help. Charter can be a great way to offset some of the expense of aircraft ownership, and Business Jet Access offers owners a proven and trusted platform for charter operations.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Our aircraft owners find our open book, no frills, no sales pitch, tell-it-like-it-is approach to be a refreshing change from today’s aviation market. Our sole purpose as your management company is to utilize our extensive aviation experience to provide sound advice for a safe, enjoyable, and financially responsible ownership experience.

Client Services

Our Client Services department can help make any trip more efficient and enjoyable. Our team will handle crew coordination, catering, ground transportation and any other special requests you might have. Prior to your departure, we will also provide you with a detailed flight itinerary that includes the name and phone numbers of your flight crew, flight times, departure and destination points, reservation numbers for special arrangements, and other pertinent details. Our Client Services team is available around the clock 365 days a year for your convenience.

“There is a lot of depth at Business Jet.”

“From the beginning of our use of private aviation, I realized the importance of the financial stability and experience of the people managing our airplane. There is just too much money at risk.

There is a lot of depth at Business Jet. They thoroughly understand the maintenance requirements and the various Governmental regulations. They bill us correctly with complete supporting detail. They manage our pilots as professionals. I have never been uncomfortable with my crew or the condition of our plane. The marginal cost of competent and stable aircraft management is inconsequential. Business Jet Access is a bargain.”

Walter Stewart, Chairman, The Stewart Organization

Aircraft Management Client