Aircraft Management FAQ








Aircraft Management FAQ

What services do I receive in exchange for my monthly management fee?

Management Services

  • Robust management infrastructure to drive accountability and standardization
  • Hangar Space at Business Jet Access, Dallas Love Field (KDAL)
  • Advise owner on all functions necessary for the operation, maintenance and administration of the aircraft
  • Assist with obtaining, maintaining, and renewing insurance policies, as well as compliance with the policies
  • Negotiate with vendors to for most favorable pricing on products and services purchased on behalf of the owner.
  • Utilize the volume buying power of the BJA fleet
  • Oversee aircraft operating costs on behalf of owner
  • Arrange and assist with projects such as refurbishments or aircraft modifications
  • Oversee maintenance to include providing parts and labor to owner when required

Flight Operations Support

  • Provide FAA interface on all aircraft issues
  • Maintain a complete and accurate record of the qualifications, ratings, certificates, and training of all flight crewmembers
  • Schedule and arrange appropriate training for flight crewmembers, and oversee quality of training delivered
  • Support flight crews in maintaining all flight manuals, documents and materials required to support aircraft operations
  • Monitor and maintain Air Carrier Operations Specifications (Ops Specs) if the aircraft is on the BJA Air Carrier Certificate
  • Periodically review industry wage rates for salary recommendations to owner
  • Company Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Accident Prevention and Risk Management
  • Emergency Incident Response Plan
  • Flight and Maintenance Operations Monitoring

Trip Scheduling and Concierge Services

  • Provide trip support on a 24-hour basis
  • Coordinate all flight requests including ferry, training, maintenance, and owner flights
  • Establish and follow procedures for dispatching of aircraft and scheduling of pilots
  • Coordinate activities so that the aircraft and flight crews are positioned for departure and scheduled time
  • Provide information on weather and other conditions that could reasonably be expected to impact the scheduled flight
  • Arrange for security of the aircraft, landing permits, clearances, handling, storage, and catering
  • Assist with trip planning and documentation
  • Coordinate all ground transportation and hotel accommodations upon request
  • Provide flight following and communication services in connection with flights
  • Ensure that complete, accurate, and timely logs and records are maintained per regulatory requirements
  • Provide 24/7 coverage for aircraft related needs, and centralized point of contact for aircraft needs away from home base

Maintenance Scheduling and Oversight

  • Schedule all inspections, modifications and repairs to comply with applicable regulations, manufacturer’s instructions
  • Monitor all warranty programs, parts programs, engine programs, to ensure maximum benefit to owner
  • Advise owner on equipment and modifications that may enhance the performance, utility, or aesthetics of the aircraft.
  • Supervise and monitor all training and technical capabilities of aircraft mechanics
  • Oversight of aircraft maintenance cost on behalf of owner

Accounting and HR Services

  • Process payroll for all employees as well as monitor and administer all benefit programs
  • Coordinate drug screening and testing on personnel
  • Provide credit cards for payment of aircraft expenses (fuel, crew expenses, etc.)
  • Detailed review of expenses for accuracy and approval
  • Submit payment for all aircraft related bills
  • Establish and review flight crew travel and incidental expenses associated with owner use of aircraft
  • Provide a detailed monthly summary of costs and charter revenue
  • Record, monitor, and report to owner the status on flight activity with regard to aircraft acquisition tax strategies.
  • Preparation of Aircraft Utilization Report for sales tax reporting
  • Maintain original copies of aircraft operating costs for a minimum of three years and make available for audit purposes
  • Assist owner in preparing any required federal excise tax returns with respect to any taxable information
  • Provide accounting for aircraft maintenance charges for labor, parts, and outside services
  • Payment submission for all crew related costs including trip expenses, benefits, salaries, training, etc.
  • Liaison with flight crews to ensure all expenses are approved prior to payment
  • Research any discrepancies or issues that pertain to maintenance billings on owner’s behalf